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Kids and teens esl content writer
Posted 5 days ago
We are happy to invite ESL freelance content writers to join our growing company. Linguahouse is looking for freelance writers with experience in preparing ESL materials for kids and teens to join us in creating a new branch of our platform.

We would love to hear from you if you have proven experience in the field and believe that you would be a good addition to our creative team.
Linguahouse specialises in providing ESL teaching resources online. On our online platform, we regularly publish lesson plans of different levels, topics and subjects. Our experienced writers strive to keep our lesson plans both engaging and of great academic value.

We are currently looking for experienced content writers to create course plans for our two new branches. Please, indicate which position you are interested in by adding either KIDS or TEENS as the first word of your response.

- Linguahouse KIDS -

For this position, we are looking for ESL teachers and writers with over 5 years of experience in creating materials for children (ages 5-12).

After joining our team, your first mission will be to create a 16-unit language course and 4 testing units for 5/6-year-olds. The units will consist of 45-60-minute lessons and additional workbook pages. The lesson plans should be accessible and engaging for young learners, accompanied by multimedia, songs, and classroom games.

- Linguahouse Teens -

For this position, we are looking for ESL teachers and writers with over 5 years of experience in creating materials for teenagers (ages 13-19).

After joining our team, your first mission will be to create a 20-unit language course and 5 testing units for 16/19-year-olds. The units will consist of 60-90minute lessons. The material should be up-to-date and unbiased, focusing on current topics that will spark teens' interest.

If your first course proves to be a success, we will be happy to extend our collaboration to different levels, as well as provide a contract for an agreed number of units.

As a Linguahouse writer you will be expected to:
- Align assessment content with learning design and instructional goals;
- Write clear, well-designed lesson plans, adjusted to the needs of the target learner;
- Work with our Lead Learning Designer to evaluate and analyze activity data to iteratively improve assessment content and design;
- Prepare & write short and long texts (articles based on real-life materials online - with given sources) as well as create scripts (to be recorded in our studio) for Listening tasks.
We are looking for a candidates with:

- 5+ years of relevant experience;
- Advanced degree;
- Experience working with children or teens;
- Expertise in creating lesson plans for the target group;
- Relevant certifications:
Kids: Cambridge English Young Learners Tests (YLE); PET; KET; English Flyers and similar;
Teens: PET; KET; FCE schools; YLE and similar.
- Ability to successfully manage and optimize projects and processes;
- Willingness to continually test assumptions and apply research in innovative ways;
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills;
- Some technical skills using development and communication tools such as MS Word, Google Docs, and Slack;
- Highly organized, self-motivated, with exceptional initiative and commitment to excellence.
Salary to be negotiated during the interview process, based on previous experience.

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