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Island lifestyle with decent pay (when not uder covid restrictions) for excellent teacher
Posted 15 days ago
Emmanuel English Learning Center

Emmanuel English Learning Center in Penghu is looking for a seasoned, dynamic, creative, gifted, loving teacher with goals of no less than a full year and preferably at least basic Mandarin communication skills. Must be a native speaker from an English as FIRST language country to qualify with the government for an ARC(Alien Resident Certificate). Must have some type of ESL training certificate or at least 4 years’ experience in the field.

We have our own base curriculum which is taught largely through activities so the teacher must be well versed in using activities efficiently and effectively. For higher levels, the teacher is given much more responsibility to find engaging and relevant materials to supplement the base materials. Please note that the position is for a true teacher who speaks well and clearly, knows natural phonic rules and can mimic American phonics for those specific lessons, is somewhat proficient in English grammar usage and explanation and can teach writing of various forms. It is not only a “conversation” English job or for those who think teaching is just presenting English to a class. The teacher is responsible for the actual long-term student retention of the language. Therefore, preparation of classes usually takes time and effort as well as skill in knowing how to reach a certain set of students and meet their specific challenges. In training, there is oversight so those persons with an easily bruised ego are not real candidates. Those with a strong will to improve their teaching abilities and thicker skin thrive with the training and challenges! The teacher shares classes with other teachers on different days of the week so teamwork is necessary. There’s no room for individuals in our program, only teamworkers. Due to the ever-changing pandemic influences, online teaching capability is necessary as well.

Hourly pay starts at NT$800 for those WITH the above mentioned qualifications and increases are awarded for expertise and diligence. If the applicant has many years of experience that translates into quick proficiency of our style or is a gifted teacher, the wage increase can be anticipated soon. Show us your magic and we’ll show you the money! No magic, no money! Those who have the privilege to work on a resort island with a great school must prove they are worthy of the position.
The environment is often both a blessing and a challenge to newcomers. Some people experience “cabin fever” in Penghu in the winter when the wind howls. If the teacher doesn’t speak much Mandarin, or doesn’t actively enable coping strategies such as hobbies or sports, he/she may find the winters disappointing. On the other hand, the beaches are gorgeous, winter windsurfing is world-class, spring to fall surfing, snorkeling, SUPing or biking are fantastic and the natural environment is fabulous. A “commute” of 30 minutes is the farthest one can live from the school due to geographical limitations. A flight to Taipei is 50 minutes and costs around NT$1700 one way. There are roughly 10 flights daily in the low season to Taipei. Penghu does have McDonalds, Mos Burger, Starbucks, 7-11, a new movie theater and Watsons etc.

Interested parties MUST come for a teaching demonstration as well as an evaluation of one’s abilities to correct student homework writings.

Larry E. Davis Owner and operator Phone after 12:30 pm: 06-926-1202,
0937-391-792 [email protected]
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