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Kids english teacher(full-timer)
Posted a month ago
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Kids English Teacher(Full-timer)

World Wide Wings Co., Ltd.
Job ID
目黒区, Tokyo, Japan
Post date
Jun 30, 2021
Education / Teaching
Child Education, Pre-school Teacher
Work Type
Full Time / Student (Undergraduate/Graduate)
¥200,000 ~ ¥300,000 / Month


  • English: Fluent
  • Enjoy communicating with kids
  • Have a desire to teach
  • Enjoy creating fun and interactive programs
  • Visa sponsorship available


Salary Starting from JPY 210,000 -250,000/month
Bonus Twice a year from 2nd year
*The average in 2020 was more than JPY 250,000/year
Place ①Three min. walk from Ikejiri Ohashi St.(One St. to Shibuya St.)
    ②Three min. walk from Gakugeidaigaku St.(Four St. to Shibuya St.)
Shifts 5 days 9 hours including 1-hour break between 08:30 to 20:00 on Mon. to Sat.
Holidays Sat., Sun., National Holidays, Summer Holidays, Year-end Holidays
*128 days off in 2019
Transportation fees Provided

Flight Ticket Subsidy:
We will subsidize a flight ticket to Japan up to JPY 70,000 if you complete your employment contract of the first and the second year with punctuality (this means you are supposed to keep working schedule, which is fixed month by month, at least 96% regardless of reasons of absence or lateness if any). You shall refund the subsidization if you fail in the above condition.

Housing Subsidy:
If you can live close to our school (roughly within 3km), we will also subsidize housing costs including moving cost as follows. The conditions will be shared during your interview.
Allowance for moving cost: up to ¥70,000 (paid with 1st salary remittance after probationary period)
Monthly subsidization: up to ¥10,000/month

House Hunting Full-Support:

The most difficult part of starting your new life in Japan is to find an apartment because most landlords in Japan can not speak English; thus, they prefer to rent to Japanese speakers.
However, once you officially join our company, we can fully support your house hunting from looking for apartments until finalizing the contract. Here are some examples of how we can support you:
- We hear your request and look for your apartments with you.
- We interpret conversations with landlords/agents and translate important parts of the contract.
- We can negotiate to get discounts for Agent fee, which is a part of the initial cost (In most cases, agents charge you the same amount as one month rent.)
- We can help you to negotiate with the landlord if there are any issues within the contract.

The Other Benefits:
National Health Insurance
Paid Days Off up to 20 days/year
Free Health Check-Up every year

Free Service for Child Care
Free drink (Coffee, Tea, Milk, etc.)
Free Snacks
Get-together (BBQ, Potluck Party, etc.)

Job Description:
We are going to hire a few English speakers starting as assistant teachers. The first few months you will learn how to teach, and then will move up to working as a main tutor, who takes the initiative to lead classes. You will be working with children aged 2.5-8 years in groups (approx. 5 kids per teacher). The morning class is for younger kids and serves as a preschool/kindergarten, then in the afternoon the school serves as an after-school program for older children. During your training you will learn about the structure of our school, however, we are also excited to discuss your ideas, skills, experiences, and methods regarding second language learning.

Possible Career Path:
We would like to offer a supervisor position to some of the staff who display exceptional performance and management skills with a raise. You may also have a chance to work at headquarters such as for HR, Finance, etc.

University currently enrolled/undergraduates/graduates of any discipline with a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, who have native-level English competence, are qualified to apply. Applicants should be outgoing, creative, energetic and interested in working with children. Working abroad also requires a person to be open to a new way of life, willing to learn, and able to take on challenges. No previous experience is required as training occurs on the job.

Duties and Responsibilities:
As main tutor you will be responsible for classroom management, planning and delivering lessons, Picking up kids from their schools, basic administration, teaching with aids such as flash cards and power point, and individual reading lessons. You will be working alongside bilingual Japanese teachers who will also help to lead the class.
We also share the chore tasks among staff including, but not limited to, sweeping floors, toilet cleaning, washing dishes and etc.

Wings Kids Family operated by World Wide Wings Co., Ltd.
About Our Company: Wings Kids Family is a new type of English school that provides early English education in Japan.
Our business model correlates with Japanese society’s lack of public child care services by performing as a pre-school, and afterschool program. This structure increases the quantity of English immersion so that children stay at our school for about 50-60 hours a month on average. The English levels of our students show obvious improvements, especially compared to general Japanese English levels.

At Wings Kids Family we create a ‘second home’ environment designed as a living space completely in English, despite being located in Japan. As soon as the kids enter our school all communication is supposed to be in English. Instead of an indirect teaching method simulated by a textbook, the children are able to experience life in English, carrying out daily activities immersed in the language. Our school's design is to focus every moment to be a chance for kids to circulate English input and output. However, additional to the English environment we use some direct teaching methods to help the kids learn. Flashcards or Slides on the television are used to show a picture, the English word, and the way it sounds at the same time. The vocabulary and phrases learned in class are then used on our walks, or at the park (Look! The white dog is so cute!). This circulation of language helps the kids store more English expressions until they can eventually use English as a communication tool.

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