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Part time efl teacher
Posted 8 days ago
We are a compact, quality-oriented school by the city centre, seeking patient, creative and fun-loving CELTA/TESOL graduates to teach Young Learners (2+) to Adults in our vibrant academy:
1 part-time EFL teacher for immediate start, Oct 2021.
We seek teachers who are proactive, committed to the job, responsible and flexible. On-site training/ mentoring run by native speaker with over 25 years EFL experience.
1 part-time EFL teacher:
24 contract hours/week,(= 24 teaching hours), contract from arrival Oct 2021 to 15 June 2022
This position requires qualification/experience in teaching Young Learners. Teaching timetable Mon-Thurs 16.00 to 21.00
1. University degree, preferably in modern language/s
2. Recognised TEFL qualification: CELTA/TESOL or equivalent to a minimum of 120 contact hours which include observed teaching practice and feedback.
3. Experience working with Young Learners in a classroom context.
4. EU member or holder of valid work permit for the contract period.
5. Up-to-date Disclosure and Barring Service certificate.
6. Teachers with native speaker level of competence
7. Minimum 1 year's post-CELTA experience in Europe
Personal attributes
1. Loves teaching children
2. Good classroom management skills
3. Confident and committed to the job
4. Proactive and flexible
5. Responsible and communicative
6. Someone for whom quality is a challenge, not merely an option
7. A good team member
8. Keen to develop and grow as a teacher
9. Takes pride in their appearance
10. Interested in learning more about Spanish culture and language
1.- Excellent rate of pay: 24-hour contract, 1000 euros gross. Different contract hours proportional.
2.- High quality in-service training
3 .-Entitlement to Spanish National Health system, medical cover and benefits
4 .- We offer a fully binding legal contract and respect all local laws. We advise applicants
to refer to ACEIA for help in understanding workers' rights in the TEFL industry in Andalusia: www. aceia. es (in Spanish).
5.-Paid holidays: two weeks Christmas, one week Easter, local and national bank holidays.
6.-Performance-related end of contract bonus.
7.- Cost of living: rent for an independent flat approx 250-400; shared flat approx 150-200/month.
8.-Cordoba is a university city with a large Erasmus student population, cycle-friendly. Lot of walks and activities available.
9.-Assistance with finding accommodation and sorting paperwork (bank accounts etc).
Communicate Language Learning
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